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Welcome to my webpage!

I'm an Assistant Professor in Economics at the Geneva Graduate Institute (IHEID) and a CEPR Affiliate in the Trade (ITRE) and Development (DEV) Programmes.

I do research at the intersection between development, international trade and industrial organization. I study microeconomic aspects of firm behavior and interfirm relationships in developing countries. 

I am one of the organizers of the Geneva Trade and Development Workshop. Info here:

Julia Cajal Grossi

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Working Papers

Searching for Trade Partners in Developing Countries

Under review

Published and Forthcoming

Buyers’ Sourcing Strategies and Suppliers’ Markups in Bangladeshi Garments

joint with Rocco Macchiavello and Guillermo Noguera

Quarterly Journal of Economics, 138 (4): 2391–2450. 2023.

Supply Chain Disruptions and Sourcing Strategies

joint with Davide del Prete and Rocco Macchiavello

International Journal of Industrial Organization, Volume 90. September 2023. 

Global Value Chains in Developing Countries: A Relational Perspective from Coffee and Garments

joint with Laura Boudreau and Rocco Macchiavello

Journal of Economic Perspectives, 37 (3): 59-86. 2023. 

Selected Work in Progress

Workers in Space: Evidence from Urban Bangladesh

joint with Gabriel Kreindler


Relationships and Responsibility

joint with Laura Boudreau and Rocco Macchiavello

Limits to Upgrading for Small Firms in Uganda

joint with Jonathan Morduch, Lore Vandewalle and Chris Woodruff



Office hours - Please book a slot here:

Current courses

Spring - Doctoral Seminar on Empirical Trade and IO (PhD, IHEID)


Fall - Econometrics I (MSc, IHEID)


Fall - Trade and Development (MSc, IHEID)



I am one of the organizers of the Geneva Trade and Development Workshop (GTDW) -

I am a member of the Research Network on Sustainable Global Supply Chain -

Center for Finance and Development - CFD

Centre for Trade and Economic Integration - CTEI

Schedule of the Econ Department Seminar Series here

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